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jose grinberg
Architect and Painter
Received his architectural degree form the National University UNAM.
Founder and principal of Grinberg & Topelson Architects in Mexico City 1978, has developed a diversity of projects, residencial, educational, health, cultural, social  housing and urban development.   He has built more than one hundred residencies, and designed urban complexes of social housing holding more than 20,000 units.
Professor of Archtiectural & Urban Design during 26 years at the Universidad Anahuac.
Member of the Merit Board at the Colegio de Arqutiectos de Mexico.
Fellow of the Mexican Academy of Architects and the National Academy of Architects of Mexico.
In the works of Jose Grinberg, the architectural and urban solutions are rooted in the analysis of the context, program, social implications and building technologies, in close relation to their time and place.


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